MP Azim resigns from Committee after MMPRC scandal complicit list was forwarded

Central Henveyru MP Ali Azim. (Photo/People's Majlis)

The ruling MDP's PG Group leader, MP for Central Henveiru Ali Azim has resigned from the Parliament's Committee on National Security Services (241 Committee) as the Committee makes an inquiry into the MMPRC scandal. 

MP Azim served as the Committee Vice-Chair before his resignation today, which comes just days after the state bodies investigating the scandal forwarded a list of complicit current and former state officials in the scandal to the Committee. The list of around 300 was forwarded to the Committee upon the request of the Parliament on Thursday. 

In a Committee meeting tonight, the Committee Chair and MP North Hithadhoo Mohamed Aslam said that Deputy Speaker Eva Abdulla will be taking part in the Committee meeting tonight instead of MP Azim, as he was informed according to the Parliament secretariat. MP Eva will be replacing MP Azim on the Committee according to MP Aslam. 

MDP Chairperson and MP for West Henveiru Hassan Latheef was voted in as the Committee Vice-Chair instead of MP Azim by the Committee tonight. 

The exact reasoning for MP Azim's departure is unknown and he has not responded to efforts to contact him regarding his resignation. 

Deputy Speaker Eva had previously served on the Committee before resigning herself to take over the duties of Speaker Mohamed Nasheed while he recovers from the terrorist attack last Thursday. Instead of MP Eva, Thulhaadhoo MP Hisaan Hussain was appointed to the Committee. MP Eva has now joined the Committee once again upon the departure of MP Azm.