Pioneering the Dermatology industry, Nada Clinic

Nada Clinic Advanced Aesthetics and Cosmetology Center. (Photo/Nada Clinic)

Fatimath Nada, the founder, and CEO of Nada Salon and Aesthetic Studios has ventured into Cosmetology and Aesthetics with the opening of Nada Clinic Advanced Aesthetics and Cosmetology Center. We interviewed her on her latest business venture and detailed her journey through the past few years until this point. 

The clinic has specifically curated Cosmetic procedures and treatments for anyone who wishes for a healthy and appealing look. Those who previously traveled abroad for such treatments can now take respite in the fact that there is a clinic in the Maldives that provides high-end bespoke tailored procedures, and treatments. The Clinic further focuses on dermatology, wellness upkeep, and maintenance, which is a sector in the Maldivian beauty industry that people have started to take seriously and made a priority. 

Nada’s experience being in the industry for 15 years and operating one of the biggest beauty and aesthetic salons in the Maldives helped her venture out into the cosmetology industry. Her knowledge and experience played an important role in identifying the need for a cosmetology clinic in the Maldives. To acquire the best treatments and products and introducing them into the Maldivian Market, Nada further took part in various International beauty, cosmetology, and dermatology fairs to gather the best that the international market has to offer. 

Specializing in advanced aesthetics, cosmetology, and rejuvenation, the clinic highlights its strategy to lead the area of beauty and aesthetics in the Maldives, providing expert medical-grade skin and hair care services teaming together with benchmark technology treatments that seek to improve health and the quality of life. 

Nada Clinic Advanced Aesthetics and Cosmetology Center. (Photo/Nada Clinic)

The Clinic offers numerous treatments for various concerns. Some of the non-invasive treatments the clinic provides include, rejuvenating wrinkle relaxers, non-surgical enhancements, chemical peels, transdermal micro-needling, hair treatments and transplants, skin and body therapies, hair removal and body contouring, and treatments for dermatological and vascular conditions which includes correcting scars, acne, and hemorrhages. The Clinic offers all the latest laser treatments, radiofrequency treatments, and ultrasound treatments for several skincare problems. These procedures are solutions for severe acne (hormonal acne, cystic acne), hyperpigmentation (melasma, acne scarring pigmentation), dent scar corrections, stretch mark corrections, and scarring caused by surgery, and trauma. 

Corrective surgeries are to be commenced in the future to help those with deep and intense scarring, deformities, and cleft palates to name a few. Other significant treatments include Gynecological wellbeing and upkeep treatments as well as a Detox Dome. The Detox Dome uses infrared technology, to detoxify the body from any unwanted toxins. It is a procedure that helps people stop smoking, ease body aches, helps people suffering and arthritics, chronic pains, and those recovering from chemotherapy. The Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment also offered by the clinic has garnered a lot of praise from clients. It is the most effective hair restoration and regrowth treatment. 

All the products provided at the clinic are medical grade FDA approved skincare products and the machinery and technology are the latest in the cosmetology industry for high tech solutions. 

The focus of all treatments at Nada Clinic is not to over-exaggerate a person’s looks and features but rather help people achieve the best results in a healthy and appealing manner. The interactively designed clinic currently has a cosmetic surgeon and a plastic surgeon who are dedicated to assist clients and provide treatments to best fit their needs.

Nada Clinic Advanced Aesthetics and Cosmetology Center. (Photo/Nada Clinic)

The Clinic is making a notable impact in the Maldivian community, where people are keen to learn more and are interested in doing new and advanced result effective treatments. Nada Clinic can bring a positive change into the Maldivian community, educate, and advise people on the right way to treat skin conditions.

Constantly working on introducing the best treatments using the best technology and products to the Maldives, providing the best services to their clients from the time they step into the clinic until they leave. The clinic has received a lot of positive feedback and praise from clients who are very satisfied with the level of services provided. 

Nada Clinic with the success it has had so far aims to go even higher and create an international hub for cosmetology and advanced aesthetics in the Maldives.