Police search for Symbolic Records singer Ahmed Adil (Edil)

Ahmed Adil (Edil). (Photo/Police)

Police have announced that they are looking for Ahmed Adil (Edil) a member of the Symbolic Records in connection with a robbery case. 

Adil (26) from Geradhooge, Dhiguvaadu, Fuvahmulah City is being searched for in connection with a case under investigation by the Fuvahmulah City Police Station. Anyone with information related to Adil is requested to contact the police at 9792803.

The case under investigation is in relation to a robbery involving a large amount of money.

The search announced for Adil comes just a few days after the court extended the remand of Ismail Ifhaam Mohamed (Pest) who is also a member of the same record label. Ifhaam was arrested for drug-related offenses.