Sexual abuse case against Fisheries Ministry Comms. Director filed over lack of evidence

Ahmed Fazeel, Director of Communications at Fisheries Ministry.

Police have filed allegations of sexual abuse made towards the Director of Communications of the Fisheries Ministry Ahmed Fazeel, due to a lack of evidence sufficient to bring charges. 

Fazeel was accused of raping a minor and getting her pregnant. He was also accused of sending pornographic and nude content to people which he would later on say was a mistake. 

After victims came forward and detailed allegations against Fazeel, he was suspended and an investigation was commenced. 

However, police have now stated that the case is to be filed due to a lack of evidence. 

“The case has been filed since there is no evidence sufficient to bringing charges for a criminal case,” said police. 

Fazeel has previously denied the allegations against him and even said that it was a ploy to have him removed from his post. Fazeel’s own party, Maldives Reform Movement (MRM) had also lodged a case with the police and the Gender Ministry to investigate the allegations. 

Fazeel’s suspension has now been repealed and he is now attending work.