COVID-19: 58 new infections, daily cases remain below 100

Traffic police question motorcyclists getting on the Sinamale' Bridge during a curfew in Male' City. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Health Protection Agency (HPA) last night announced 58 additional cases of COVID-19, for the fourth consecutive day that daily cases in the Maldives have remained under 100.

The new cases mean that the total number of confirmed cases in the Maldives has now reached 25,759, since confirming the first case in March of last year. According to HPA, the new cases include; 36 cases from the greater Male’ region, 11 cases from residential islands outside Male’, and 11 cases from operational resorts.

Meanwhile, 185 additional COVID-19 patients were confirmed to have made full recoveries over the last 24 hours, increasing total recoveries to 22,981. The Maldives now has 2,702 active cases. There are currently 64 patients in hospitals.

HPA added that the positive cases confirmed last night were from 2,645 samples (including repeated samples) tested for COVID-19. 

Caseload over the week

  • April 13: 58 cases
  • April 12: 84 cases
  • April 11: 93 cases
  • April 10: 88 cases
  • April 9: 132 cases
  • April 8: 113 cases
  • April 7: 138 cases

67 COVID-19 patients have died from complications.