Monitoring measures lifted from Ungoofaaru, Maduvvari

R. Ungoofaaru.

Two islands in R. Atoll placed under monitoring following emergence of COVID-19 cases – Ungoofaaru and Maduvvari have been reopened.

Ungoofaaru had been under monitoring since March 19 after a person exhibiting flu symptoms tested positive for COVID-19.

Maduvvari, meanwhile, was placed under monitoring on March 23, after a person in home quarantine after travelling back from Ungoofaaru tested positive for COVID-19.

Health Protection Agency (HPA) states monitoring measures were lifted from both islands this Saturday. HPA said the islands were reopened upon completion of necessary examinations, and because the authority found there to be no reason for the islands to remain under monitoring.

Though monitoring measures have been lifted from Ungoofaaru and Maduvvari, 15 more residential islands outside the greater Male’ region remain closed.

While most of the COVID-19 cases in Maldives were previously restricted to the capital, the country has experienced an increase in cases in other residential islands in recent weeks. There are currently over 800 active cases in residential islands outside the greater Male’ region.