Government employees to receive Ramadan allowance on April 8

Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer gestures as he speaks during a meeting with the Parliament's Public Accounts Committee on August 27, 2020. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Finance Ministry states government employees will be disbursed this year’s Ramadan allowance on Thursday, April 8.

A circular signed by Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer says each employee will receive MVR 3,000 as Ramadan allowance, and that the allowance for employees who work multiple paid jobs will receive their allowance from their place of basic employment.

If an employee given the Ramadan allowance resigns before one third of Ramadan is over, the amount remaining after counting out the days they were employed must be recovered.

Meanwhile, those who are hired during the month of Ramadan must be given the Ramadan allowance within seven working says after they are hired.

Those scheduled to leave their jobs during Ramadan are eligible for the allowance only for days they worked.

 Employees who are on pay leave (scholarship) or non-pay leave are not eligible for Ramadan allowance. However, if they return to work during Ramadan, they are eligible for an amount calculated from the day they return to work as Ramadan allowance.

Government offices have been instructed prepare the paperwork and apply for Ramadan allowance from Finance Ministry.

Employment Act declares all Muslim workers in Maldives are eligible for MVR 3,000 as a Ramadan allowance.