Immigration to clamp down foreigner employment practice affecting local artists

A local music artist performing at a music show. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

Maldives Immigration has warned that it will take strict action if expatriates are being employed in violation of regulations, in areas of work where local artists work. 

In a statement issued last night, Immigration said that a lot of complaints were being received regarding expatriates being brought into the Maldives under different permits and used for work outside of the constraints of the permits. 

Complaints were being received regarding expatriates being employed as photographers in resorts and the music industry.

Immigration looked into these complaints and has instructed around 60 individuals to leave the Maldives. Out of these individuals, those with open borders back to their own nation, had departed. However, the practice was still being conducted in the Maldives, noted Immigration. 

Such practices hindered opportunities for local artists and inflicted a lot of financial damage on these artists, said the Immigration. Immigration said that it will be taking action regarding such practices and advised against employing expatriates in violation of regulations.