Maldives records more than 50,000 tourist arrivals by mid-February

Tourists at the Velana International Airport. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

More than 50,000 tourist arrivals to the Maldives have been recorded so far in February. 

Statistics of the Tourism Ministry show that a total of 52,943 tourists had been recorded so far this month. The total number of tourists for 2021, up until yesterday now numbers 145,046.

The single day of most tourist arrivals was on February 14, which saw 4,856 tourists. The previous record had been on February 12. 

The highest number of tourists were recorded from Russia and India. 

Tourist arrivals by nationality:

  • Russia: 31,798
  • India: 31,739
  • Ukraine: 10,130
  • Kazakhstan: 6,595
  • Romania: 6,110

Other top source markets include Germany, France, UK, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. On average, 3,000 tourists are being received every day according to the Ministry. There are 641 tourist establishments currently operational with 28 international airlines operating in the Maldives. The Ministry has previously said that the target was to bring in 1.5 million tourists by the end of 2021.