COVID-19: 5 additional cases confirmed from Fuvahmulah City

Fuvahmulah City ring road. (Photo/MTCC)

Five more cases of COVID-19 have been detected from the southern city of Fuvahmulah.

In a press conference of the City Council held tonight, Fuvahmulah Hospital official Aminath Ahmed said that total cases from the island, with five confirmed tonight, had now increased to 30. Current active cases are numbered at 24.

The five positive cases were all detected through contact tracing efforts. 

A total of 3,976 samples have been collected from the island with 760 collected through contact tracing. 45 of those tested from contact tracing are high-risk individuals. 12 samples were also collected from symptomatic individuals. 

Safety measures were undertaken on the island on February 13, after cases were detected on the island on the 7th. Measures include the closure of schools and ceasing sports activities.