May/June A Level examinations cancelled

Students sit for an exam in a school in Maldives. (File Photo/Sun)

The Education Ministry has announced that AS/A Level examinations scheduled for May/June of 2021 will not be held this year. 

The Ministry stated that the decision against holding the examinations was made by the UK Pearson organization.

The Ministry announced that despite the lack of examinations, student assessments and certificate details will be provided by Ofqual on February 22. 

The scheduled examinations October/November will still be held as per the schedule stated the Ministry which added that work was still underway to organize the examinations as per schedule. 

The May/June examinations for 2020 were also postponed due to COVID-19. The examination was later held in October/November. The Ministry stated that assessments were under discussion with Edexcel. The opinions of parents and students will be taken into account when making decisions regarding the assessments, stated the Ministry.