Nasheed granted permission to travel abroad

Hulhumale’ Court has granted permission to former President Mohamed Nasheed to depart from the country, and informed the Immigration Department to release his passport.

Hulhumale’ Court ordered Immigration Department to withhold Nasheed’s passport last Sunday, following the commencement of the trial against Nasheed pertaining to the illegal arrest of Chief Judge of Criminal Court Abdullah Mohamed.

Controller of Immigration Dr Mohamed Ali said that Immigration Department was informed yesterday by Hulhumale’ Court to revoke withholding Nasheed’s passport.

Dr Mohamed Ali said that Nasheed will be allowed to travel from tomorrow until Saturday.

“We will release his passport openly, which means he can travel to any country,” he said.

Spokesperson of Judicial Administration Latheefa Gasim said that Nasheed requested for permission to travel abroad from 16 to 20 October, following which Immigration Department was informed to release his passport.

Nasheed’s lawyers made a request from Hulhumale’ Court yesterday, that his passport be released as he wished to travel abroad on an official trip. Nasheed has announced that he will depart Maldives tomorrow to participate in a ceremony in Dubai.