Money laundering allegations against Shazail, suspended MD of Maldive Gas

Shazail Siyam.

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC)P has forwarded a case of possible money laundering against the Managing Director of Maldive Gas Shazail Siyam to the police. 

Shazaiul is already suspended from him position at Maldive Gas for allegations of bribery lodged with the anti-corruption portal of the President’s Office. Shazail was suspended in October 2019.

ACC spokesperson Hassan Manik said to Sun that instances of money laundering were identified from the investigation of Shazail which was now submitted to the police. 

While the ACC did not explicitly make the allegations against Shazail, other sources have confirmed this, since investigating money laundering is not within the mandate of the ACC, which is why the case was sent to ACC. 

ACC had stated that it had investigated the bribery claims against Shazail and had found no instances of corruption. Sources have also confirmed that when authorities confiscated the mobile phone of Shazail, he had reset the device and erased all of data on the phone.

Hassan also said that three other instances of possible corruption of Maldive Gas was also identified and under investigation. They include the deposit of suspicious funds to the company account, acts of corruption in hiring employees, corruption in the bidding process of a maintenance project.