HDC opens for interested parties to develop yacht marina project

Concept for Hulhumale' second phase.

The Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has opened for interested parties to express interest in developing a yacht marina and cruise terminal in the second phase of Hulhumale’.

HDC stated that the expression of interest of (EOI) are to be submitted by parties. HDC said that the required procedure and information to be submitted will be available from HDC’s website. 

EOI’s are to be submitted before 15:30, December 16, 2020, according to the HDC. 

HDC said that the socio-economic advantages of the project and the experience and financial capacity of the parties applying for the project will be taken into account.

A framework agreement for the proposal will be finalized if the board of directors approve of it. When the Hulhumale’ second phase is completed, a heritage island, a tourist island, a city hotel, and platinum villas, as well as residential buildings, are to be established there.