German airline Condor to recommence travel to Maldives

Condor airline flight. (Photo/Business Journal Budapest)

One of the most popular leisure airlines from Germany, Condor is to recommence travel to the Maldives from December 18. 

The airline had operated to the Maldives before the COVID-19 lockdown, and the recommenced operations would see the airline operate two flights between Frankfurt and Male’ City every week. The two flights are scheduled for every Wednesday and Sunday.

Germany is a notable inclusion as a tourism source market of Maldives. While the resurge of tourists from Germany has been slow, it is a common name among the top ten source markets. So far, since reopening borders on July 15, the Maldives has seen a total of 3,523 tourists from Germany. 

The Maldives has recorded just 450,411 tourists in 2020 with a total of 67,564 tourists since reopening its borders.