Maldives, Qatar introduces travel bubble

A Qatar Airways flight at Velana International Airport on July 15, 2020. The flight is the first commercial flight to operate to Maldives after the coronavirus pandemic lockdown in 2020. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

A travel bubble holiday package has been introduced by Qatar Airways between Qatar and the Maldives. 

This is the first time the two nations have introduced a travel bubble. The package is designated for Qatari nationals and residents of the nation. 

Qatar Airways said that customers that book flights and hotels in the Maldives through the holiday package will not need to quarantine upon returning to Qatar. 

Under the package, customers can travel to the Maldives from December 1 to January 7. Customers arriving in the Maldives will be staying at the Sandies Bathala Resort and Diamonds Thundufushi Resort. 

Travelers are still required to present a 72-hour negative PCR test. Rapid tests will also be conducted before the travelers board their planes in Qatar. 

Qatar Airways said that travelers returning will also be subjected to a rapid test upon their return. If negative, they are not required to undergo any quarantine. 

It was a flight of Qatar Airways which landed first in the Maldives, since the nation reopened its borders on July 15. The airline is one of the biggest carriers of tourists to the Maldives as of currently.