PPM to hold ‘Badi Buraasfathi’ gathering to mark Victory Day

The opposition coalition composed of Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and People’s National Congress (PNC) has announced plans to hold a gathering at Alimas Carnival area in Male’ under the name ‘Badi Buraasfathi’ to mark Victory Day.

In a press conference on Saturday, PNC deputy leader Ibrahim Shujau said the coalition has requested permission from the authorities to hold the gathering.

He said that the coalition has requested permission from Male’ City Council to hold the gathering at the Alimas Carnival area, and permission from Health Protection Agency (HPA) to hold the gathering with physical distancing measures.

Shujau alleged that the authorities are mostly likely to deny permission to hold the gathering, as they had done last year.

“We hope we will receive responses for the two letters when government offices open tomorrow. But we suspect even now that the government will hesitate to mark this occasion, and we are sure the government will not dare to issue the permits, same as last year,” he said.

The opposition coalition plans on holding the ‘Badi Buraasfathi’ gathering at 08:00 pm on November 3.

Victory Day commemorates the defeat of a coup attempt led by Abdulla Luthfee on November 3, 1988 to oust then-President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

‘Badi Buraasfathi’ loosely translates to mean ‘Gunfire Thursday’, in reference to the gunfire battle and hostage taking on the day that resulted in the death of 19 Maldivian citizens; eight soldiers and 11 civilians.