Safari Rape Case: Victim was threatened with death

Photo shows safaris in the harbor of Hulhumale'.

Lawyers for the victim in the infamous safari rape case have provided detailed accounts of the incident after comments by Home Minister Imran Abdulla appeared to show that the case had been blown out of context. 

The law firm representing the victim, Riza, and Co sent a letter to the Speaker of the Parliament calling for action against the Minister for his comments after condemning the remarks by the Minister in a radio talk show last night. 

The statement by the law firm read that the victim was threatened with death by her abusers who attempted to take her to a room on the safari. The statement read that the victim had detailed all of this to the police investigation. 

Home Minister Imran Abdulla sparked public outcry after he stated that what happened on the safari could have happened anywhere in the public, leading to the law firm stating that there was no confidence in a rightful investigation into the case. 

The safari rape case involves the alleged sexual abuse of a Kenyan national onboard a safari near Hulhumale’ on June 26. Two local men were arrested and later released causing an immense public backlash. It was also rumored that one of those accused is the spouse of a parliamentarian from the main governing party MDP.