Supreme Court concludes hearings in case of Presidential wages

The Supreme Court bench in the case of Presidential wages.

Hearings in the case regarding the wages of the President and Vice President which were voted on by the Parliament submitted to the Supreme Court have been completed. 

The case was submitted by former Civil Court judge Mohamed Haleem who requested for the Supreme Court to rule that the parliamentary decision on the matter was void. The case read that the wages of state officials designated under a specific law can only be changed by amending the law itself. 

Haleem, in today’s hearing, said that the decision by the parliament’s public accounts committee violated multiple acts such as the laws related to the wages of the President and Vice President. He requested the Supreme Court to rule that the decision made by the committee without amending the law was void and null. What remains in the case now is the ruling by the top court. 

The case stems from a decision of the parliament made on May 21, to reduce the wages decided by the parliament of officials earning more than MVR 20,000. The wages of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and Vice President Faisal Naseem were also reduced with the decision.