6 islands designated for agriculture purposes

B. Maadoo.

Under the government’s strategic action plan, six islands have been designated to be released for agricultural purposes, according to Fisheries Ministry. 

The Ministry in an announcement said that six islands were to be issued for 21 years under bidding policies.

The islands are:

  • H. A. Madulu
  • Sh. Kakaaeriyadhoo
  • Sh. Neyo
  • N. Tholhendhoo
  • B. Maaddoo
  • G. Dh. Oinigillaa

The purpose of the islands being released to increase the agricultural produce of the Maldives and reduce the dependency on foreign imports. 

The islands will also be used to produce feeding material for poultry farming. The islands are to be leased with an annual fee of 10 laari per foot. 30 percent of the land area is to be designated for agriculture purposes. 

 Bidding applications will be issued from October 14 to November 5 from the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture on the second floor of Velaanaage. The process can also be conducted through (+960) 7755335 or [email protected].