Home Minister expresses concern over release of drug network heads

Home Minister Imran Abdulla during a ceremony held to destroy 324 kg of drugs on October 8, 2020. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Home Minister Imran Abdulla has expressed concern over the release of alleged senior figures in drug trafficking networks during the court procedure. 

The Minister was speaking at a ceremony held for the destruction of more than 300 kg of drugs seized by police during operations. The ceremony was held in Dhoonidhoo today. 

The Minister said that it was a huge danger for the community that senior figures of drug networks were being set free during court procedures.

“So, to stop all the ways where drug network heads are released during the court process, the entire state must unite.” Said the Minister. 

He noted that the issue of drugs can only be addressed correctly with the work of police, PG Office, and courts. 

The Minister pointed out that 70 percent of all crimes committed in the Maldives were in one way or the other related to drugs. He said that the impact of this on youths were massive and that the government was working to rehabilitate the affected. 

“Rehabilitating the youths caught up in drugs, is a huge task.” Said the Minister. 

Those involved in the illicit business often take advantage of the family of the youths. The Minister ended his speech by noting that the entire community must come out against those enriching themselves through drug trafficking.