Speedboat runs out of fuel, wrecks on reef off Velassaru

The speedboat 'Souvenir-17': The boat was travelling from A. Dh. Hanifaru to K. Thilafushi when it ran aground a reef off Velassaru Maldives on September 22, 2020. (Photo/MNDF)

The speedboat Souvenir-17 wrecked on the reef of resort island, Velassaru Maldives, on Tuesday, after running into engine trouble.

Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) said that Souvenir-17 was travelling from A. Dh. Hanifaru to K. Thilafushi, and wrecked on the reef after it ran out of fuel.

The incident was reported to MNDF at approximately 07:25 pm.

There are three people on board the speedboat. No injuries have been reported as of yet.

Coastguard is operating at the scene.