Muizzu: Married couples awarded different points for living situation

Former Housing Minister Dr. Mohamed Muizzu. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Former Housing Minister Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has expressed concern over how points were awarded for applicants for the H9 category housing units under the Hiyaa Housing Project, reserved for applicants registered on the Male’ Dhafthar.

The presidential committee established to review government housing projects released the tentative list of tenants for the H9 category earlier this Sunday.

In a tweet on Sunday evening, Muizzu said that married couples who live together were awarded different points for their living situation assessment, and that many have reached out to him to express concern over the issue.

 “Why is this government awarding different points for living situation for couples who live together? What’s this based on?” he questioned.

Muizzu said that many applicants on the tentative list released for the H9 category were facing the issue.

The committee is engaged in work to verify that applicants for the Hiyaa Housing Project were awarded points in accordance with the guidelines.

The opportunity to file complaints regarding the H9 tentative list will be open from September 21 to until 03:00 pm on October 4 through the committee’s virtual portal.

The list includes the identities of the applicants, the points they scored previously, and the points they scored following re-evaluation.

The list also highlights the applicants who qualified for housing, along with those who the committee was unable to conduct a living situation assessment of, and the reason.

The committee has also released a list of 25 applicants who failed to qualify, and the reason for the disqualification.

The committee has stated that tentative lists for additional categories by be released as soon as the re-evaluation process is complete.

The committee released tentative lists for H4 category (reserved for doctors and nurses), H5 category (reserved for teachers), H8 category (reserved for registered residents of Male’), and H10 category (reserved for persons with disabilities and their families) in August.

The committee received 3,068 complaints regarding the tentative lists, and is in the process of reviewing and responding to the complaints.