JA Manafaru ex-employees, families grieving over sudden mass dismissals

Former employees of JA Manafaru and islanders of H.A. Hoarafushi during a rally against mass dismissals of workers by the resort in September 2020.

The law firm, Shunana and Co. LLP representing dismissed employees of the JA Manafaru resort in H.A. Atoll has stated that the employees and their families are in state dismay and are grieving following the mass dismissals of employees by the resort.

The resort had noted that it was in a state where it required to make such redundancies which saw 68 employees dismissed. 28 of the employees belong to the nearby island of H.A. Hoarafushi. 

Due to the high number of dismissals, the entire island was in a state of dismay, said Mariyam Shunana, whose firm is representing the workers.

Islanders from Hoarafushi even held a rally last Friday, calling for justice for the workers. Participants called out such actions which could see several families faced with hardship, especially during a pandemic. 

“They begged peacefully, to attain justice for the workers. The entire island is crying, it has affected the entire island,” said Shunana.

She stated that an out of court meeting with the resort was requested to resolve the matter.

“They said that they will meet, if we cannot resolve it, then we take the case to tribunal.” Said Shunana. 

She also noted that one of the aims of the tourism industry was to bring benefits and advantages from a resort to nearby islands and noted that factors affecting a large portion of the population would detriment the entire island as well.

“The state also needs to intervene in this situation to find a solution.” Said Shunana.