Disclosed financial statements show Speaker Nasheed earning MVR 3 million

Parliament Speaker, former President Mohamed Nasheed at the ceremony for the hand over of outdoor fitness equipment for 61 islands on July 13, 2020. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Financial statements of publicized by the parliament today show that the Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed earned more than MVR 3 million as salaries and allowances. 

The Parliament publicized the financial statements of lawmakers today. 

Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed earned MVR 3 million from May 27, 2019, to May 28, 2020. As bank interests, Speaker Nasheed earned MVR 36,029.

While the Speaker has existing accounts in three banks, his State Bank of India account had MVR 1.59 million. His BML account had MVR 41,471.71 while his Islamic Bank account had MVR 76,979.62. 

The financial statements did not show any loans or shares owned by Nasheed in a company, however, included an estate owned by the Speaker in L. Gan. 

Under previous regulations, parliamentarians are not required to disclose financial statements, however, a recent change to the regulations now make it mandatory for lawmakers to do so. 

Speaker Nasheed earns MVR 73,000 per month as salary. As a former president, he is also entitled to allowances, accommodation allowances and office management costs worth MVR 172,000.

Speaker Nasheed has previously requested against collecting the allowances entitled to by former Presidents and accommodation allowances. As a result, the Speaker only collects the MVR 87,000 per month for office management and also uses security services.