COVID-19: All random samples taken from Thinadhoo test negative

G. Dh. Thinadhoo. (Photo/Ahmed Vishfaq)

The random samples taken from G. Dh. Thinadhoo to check for a possible community spread following two confirmed coronavirus cases in the island have all come back negative.

Dr. Abdul Samad Memorial Hospital in Thinadhoo announced on Monday that 77 random samples were tested for coronavirus to check for a possible community spread.

“All random samples, that is, 77 samples in total, tested negative,” said Salim Ali, Senior Customer Relations Officer at Dr. Abdul Samad Memorial Hospital.

Thinadhoo identified its first coronavirus case on August 29; a crew member of the cargo boat ‘Dheraha’, that travels between Male’ and islands in G. A. Atoll and G. Dh. Atoll.

The case prompted health authorities to implement restrictive measures in Thinadhoo, including restricting all travel in and out of the island.

40 contacts were placed under self-isolation, one of whom tested positive on September 1.

The restrictive measures were lifted from Thinadhoo on September 2, following completion of contact tracing.

Dr. Abdul Samad Memorial Hospital has advised residents of Thinadhoo to continue to comply with health safety measures despite the random samples testing negative.

Maldives has 8,667 confirmed coronavirus cases, including 83 new cases recorded on Monday. 6,052 patients have since recovered, while 29 have died from complications.

The country currently has 2,580 active cases. 142 coronavirus patients are hospitalized.