Finance Ministry requests information of donated assets

Photo shows the building of MIRA, Finance Ministry and PCB in Male' city. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Finance Ministry has requested for information regarding assets received by different state institutions. 

A circular regarding public accounts by the Ministry read that the assets obtained from state expenditure or donations, or through any other means must be registered. Records related to the assets as well as capital expenditure work and assets must also be recorded. 

The circular also read that this was not being followed through by some state institutions and that the Ministry was working on completing a full registry of state assets. The Ministry had requested institutions to send an email including such assets obtained through donations from January to July, for the purpose. However, the circular noted that few institutions complied with the email request. 

The Ministry has now requested to provide the information before September 10, in order to complete the state asset registry.