Parliament goes into recess after approving Mausoom as Tourism Minister

Dr. Abdulla Mausoom (L) is presented his letter of appointment as Tourism Minister by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (R) on August 6, 2020. (Photo/President's Office)

Dr. Mausoom’s appointment for Tourism Minister has been approved by the Parliament today. 

Mausoom was reappointed to the role after confusion arose over the validity of his oath. He was finally approved for the post by the Parliament which went into recess after today’s session.

A total of 69 MPs voted in favor of the appointment. 

Dr. Mausoom had taken the oath for the Ministerial post twice. His initial swear-in was advised as void by the Parliament since he was still at the post of Managing Director of a private company when he was initially sworn in.

Mausoom resigned from the post of the company on the same day as his initial appointment and swearing-in. However, his oath was called into question by MPs leading to calls within the parliament for him to retake the oath.

The parliament eventually officially advised doing so, leading the Minister to resign on August 30, retake the oath, and therefore be reappointed as the Tourism Minister. The procedure of his appointment was once again forwarded to the Parliament, which then forwarded it to the Oversight Committee. Dr. Mausoom was approved as the Tourism Minister by the Oversight Committee on September 2.

Today, an official vote on the appointment was asked in the Parliament which officially approved him as the Tourism Minister.

Dr. Mausoom had previously served as the Ambassador from the Maldives to Singapore and even served as the Tourism Minister during previous administrations.

Citing regulatory issues, the Parliamentary term was also extended for the purpose of Mausoom’s appointment. The original term of the Parliament was set to end at the end of August.

After today’s session, the Parliament is now officially in recess.