ACC requests review of corruption case against Assad

Ahmed Assad, President of Asset Recovery Commission, during a press conference on July 23, 2020. (Photo/President's Office)

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has requested the Prosecutor General’s Office for a review of the corruption allegation against Asset Recovery Commission president Ahmed Assad.

Assad was investigated by ACC for a corruption allegation in connection to the publication of Dhivehi translations of the Quran during his time as State Minister for Finance. The commission, following its investigation at the time, had cleared Assad of corruption.

An official from the Prosecutor General’s Office confirmed to Sun on Thursday that the ACC has requested a review of the case to present it to the court.

The official said ACC made the request in violation of the Criminal Procedure Code, and that the Prosecutor General’s Office is scheduled to discuss the case with the ACC on Sunday.

ACC has also requested the Prosecutor General’s Office for a review of 30 additional cases. The specifics of the cases are unclear at this point.

When asked for a comment, ACC’s spokesperson responded that the commission was engaged in discussions with the Prosecutor General’s Office regarding some cases, and that the commission does not wish to disclose details regarding the cases at this time.