Air India set to recommence operations to Maldives

Air India flight.

Air India will recommence operations to the Maldives starting from August 25, 2020, onward.

The airline will operate between Male’ City and Trivandrum, India once a week every Tuesday. 

Maldives reopened its borders on July 15, 2020, after nearly four months in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. 

The Air India operations between Maldives and India are commenced under an agreement establishing a travel bubble between the nations. The travel bubble is the first of its kind in South East Asia. Borders of India still remain closed for other countries. 

Both nations will still maintain stringent safety measures in light of COVID-19 despite the recommencement of air travel. 

The travel bubble will permit more Indian tourist arrivals to the Maldives. The country receives a large number of tourists from its neighbor every year. Last year, India was the second-highest tourist source market to the Maldives.