Speaker Nasheed advises against meddling with parliamentary affairs

Speaker of the Maldivian parliament Mohamed Nasheed. (Photo/Parliament)

Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has stated that other state institutions should not meddle in the affairs of the parliament.

After week-long break, parliamentary sessions were recommenced today. Speaking in today’s session, Nasheed said that a statement was issued by the Ministry of Health regarding the operations of the parliament.

“I would like to earnestly say to the Ministry, its staff and the Minister, not disrupt the constitutional system of the Maldives and not to meddle with the affairs of the parliament by issuing such statements.” Said Nasheed. 

Nasheed’s statement comes after former health officials of the country criticized the Ministry and its current operations, to which the Minister responded yesterday. Former ministry officials had criticized the ministry in a meeting of the parliamentary committee.

The statement by the Ministry stated that it always welcomed constructive criticism, but that the former health officials had not discussed the matters noted in the committee. The statement then called to ensure the validity of the statements provided by the officials to the committee.