Police disperse protesting expatriates in Male' City

Expatriate protesters gathered near Galolhu Stadium on August 9, 2020.

Police have dispersed protesting expatriate workers from near the Galolhu Stadium area in Male' City.

The expatriates were protesting to return back to their home nations. They started gathering in the area around 9:00. Some of the expatriates in the area formed a queue. Speaking with Sun, one of the expatriates said that they were forming a line to note their names so that their return back home could be facilitated. 

However, an Economic Ministry official said that the Ministry was not conducting any programs and that the expatriates were there on their own. The Ministry is in charge of exptriate related affairs in the Maldives. 

Police soon dispersed the expatriates in the area. A second attempt by the expatriates to gather in the same location is now underway. Police Special Operations officers are now at the scene. No further details were provided by police. 

Several protests have been held by expatriate workers in the Maldives as of recently. Apart from unrest that occurred in Bodufinolhu and the chaotic scenes in Hulhumale' on earily July, protests have been relatively peaceful. Protests were even held by expatriates near the Bangladeshi Embassy in Male' City a few weeks ago.