Travel restrictions imposed on Makunudhoo, Finey, Maarandhoo

H. Dh. Makunudhoo. (Photo/Mohamed Wasif)

Health Protection Agency (HPA) has imposed restrictions on travel in and out of more islands in the north: H. Dh. Makunudhoo, H. Dh. Finey, and H. A. Maarandhoo.

HPA confirms that all three islands have been placed under “monitoring” by the agency.

Sun has been informed that the restrictions were placed in connection to the coronavirus case on board the H. A. Ihavandhoo cargo boat Thahth, which transports cargo from Male’ City to islands in the north.

Thahth Boat is reported to have travelled to Makunudhoo, Finey and Maarandhoo, as well as H. Dh. Nolhivaram – which has also been placed under “monitoring” – before travelling to Ihavandhoo.

The crew member of Thahth Boat who tested positive has been identified as a 41-year-old Maldivian man. He tested positive on Sunday, and is one of three crew members of boats from Ihavandhoo who have tested positive for the new coronavirus over the last one-week period. The other two cases are linked with Boat 242, a passenger boat which travels between Ihavandhoo and Male'. The first crew member, a cashier, tested positive on Friday, and another crew member tested positive this Monday.

Coronavirus cases have surged with the relaxation of the lockdown on Male’ – the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in Maldives – in July. More than 860 people have tested positive over the last one-week period alone.

Maldives has 4,164 confirmed coronavirus cases, including 215 new cases recorded on Sunday – marking the biggest single-day spike in coronavirus cases to be recorded in the country. 2,643 patients have since recovered, while 18 have died from complications.

The country currently has 1,489 active cases. 84 of the coronavirus patients are hospitalized.