Deceased Yemeni national Yasir Yahya yet to be buried

Yasir Yahya Solih. (File Photo)

Deceased Yemeni national Yasir Yahya is yet to be buried.

Yasir passed away yesterday while detained in the Maldives for allegations of links with terrorist organization Al-Qaeda. He was arrested in 2017 and had gone on hunger strikes multiple times. 

His condition deteriorated after a heart attack, according to his lawyers. Immigration officials said that Yasir’s burial was delayed due to a lack of documents and paperwork. Procedures by IGMH are also hindering the burial process. 

Yasir’s lawyers requested him to be moved to house arrest before he passed away. The request was denied by the Civil Court citing courtroom procedures. 

Yasir has worked as a teacher at Ahmadiyya School and Arabiyya School before he was arrested.