MP Shiyam: Asset Recovery Commission head is trying to frighten opposition

Naifaru MP and PPM Deputy leader Ahmed Shiyam, speaking at the "Hibaru Vadhu" rally. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

PPM Deputy leader and MP for Naifaru Ahmed Shiyam has said that the President of the Asset Recovery Commission Ahmed Assad is trying to frighten PPM members.

Speaking in an opposition coalition rally last night, Shiyam said that Assad was speaking about the MMPRC scandal to frighten opposition members.

“What kind of crimes and thefts have the Asset Recovery Commission’s President been accused of…What integrity would he have?” questioned Shiyam who made several accusations against Presidential Commission’s head.

Shiyam said that Assad was involved in deceit and corruption during his time as the State Minister of the Finance Ministry. Shiyam said that Assad was involved in financial misdemeanors in an agreement to print copies of the Holy Book of Quran.

“(From) what will he not steal from? The party was awarded to print 150,000 copies. Islamic Ministry said that the figure did not match, but the party was awarded MVR 30 million. It is there on the ACC report.” Said Shiyam.

During Assad’s tenure as State Minister, capital expenditure in companies in the Maldives were at MVR 199 million, according to an audit report, said Shiyam who then went on to say that this was not true.

“We are not speaking about a million or two.” Said Shiyam.

The list of the individuals that received payments from the MMPRC scandal is yet to be publicized. Commission President Assad said that they would only be made public when charges are brought forward. He has previously said that around 300 individuals had received payments from the scandal, including current and former MPs, police officers, judges and political figures. Assad most recently said that five are to be charged in relation with the scandal within the next few weeks.