Lawmaker says last night's protests were by those afraid of justice

South Henveiru MP Hussain Shaheem.

Protests in Male’ City last night were held by those involved in the MMPRC scandal for fear of facing justice, governing MDP Parliamentary group deputy-leader, and MP for South Henveiru Hussain Shameem has said.

Protests held by opposition PPM-PNC supporters were held abruptly at the Chaandhanee Magu and Majeedhee Magu junction. Supporters foiled police lines during the unofficial protests held by the opposition.

MP Hussain Shameem tweeted last night that the protests were held by individuals afraid of justice, regarding the Asset Recovery Commission report. 

“The more you shake, the more your scales will come off. Thieves will be captured and arrested.” MP Shameem tweeted.

The Asset Recovery Commission had presented the findings of their investigations in a report to the President last Thursday. The Commission said that charges will be brought against five involved in the scandal within the next five weeks.

Senior figures of the opposition coalition took part in the protests last night, including PNC President Abdulla Abdul Raheem, MPs from both parties and deputy leaders as well. Former Parliamentarians also took part in the protests which called for the resignation of the government.