Parliament approves appointment of 4 heads of diplomatic missions

MPs of Maldivian Parliament are photographed wearing masks and adhering to social distancing rules in a Parliamentary session on May 26, 2020 (Photo/Parliament)

The Parliament has approved the appointment of four ambassadors to four countries.

Votes to appoint the four ambassadors to the diplomatic missions of the Maldives in Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, and the UAE were held in the Parliament today.

The Parliament voted 68 in favor of appointing Shiruzimath Sameer to the diplomatic mission in Bangladesh. A total of 70 MPs voted in favor of appointing Faruzaana Zahir as the Ambassador from the Maldives to Pakistan.

Parliament also voted 70 in favor of appointing Aminath Shabeena as the Ambassador to the UAE. A total of 70 MPs also voted in favor of appointing Dr. Hussain Niyaz as the Ambassador to India from the Maldives as well as the non-resident Ambassador to Afghanistan, Bhutan, and Nepal.

Dr. Asim Ahmed was also approved by the parliament as the permanent representative from the Maldives to permanent UN mission in Geneva, Switzerland as well as non-resident Ambassador from the Maldives to the Swiss Confederation with 70 MPs voting in favor. 

The appointment of the new figures means that the male-female parity numbers for Maldivian diplomatic mission representatives abroad are equal.