Child at govt. shelter tests positive for COVID-19

Vilimale' government-sponsored shelter. (Sun File Photo)

A child housed at the Kudakudhinge Hiyaa shelter in K. Vilimale’ has tested positive for COVID-19.

Gender Ministry said that the tests on the child were conducted yesterday and that results were received today, showing that the child tested positive for the virus.

The child was born with health complications, said the Ministry which added that the child required regular treatments abroad. The child had traveled to Kochi, India for medical care on March 6, and returned on June 30. The child was quarantined at the shelter for 16 days.

The tests for COVID-19 on July 16, after the quarantine period, showed that the child was negative. However, faced with health complications afterward, the child was referred to IGMH where officials requested a COVID-19 test. The test returned as positive and authorities were now working on taking the appropriate measures.

Maldives has so far confirmed 2,966 cases of the virus.