Committee summons five institutions over expatriates issue

The Committee on National Security and Foreign Relations of the parliament. (Photo/Parliament)

The Committee on National Security and Foreign Relations of the parliament is summoning five institutions regarding the national security issue posed by undocumented migrants who are often unpaid.

The agenda of the Committee last night probed the case of B. Bodufinolhu where a large group of expatriate workers took some locals hostage on the island. Committee members decided to scrutinize the whole issue regarding expatriate workers rather than focus on a single issue.

“We also believe that the Committee must inquire about the Bodufinolhu issue. A similar issue occurred in Thilafushi recently. How such matters are dealt with must be inquired. We saw that the individuals in the issue (unpaid workers) were deported in that matter.” Said Vilimale’ MP Ahmed Usham during the Committee.

The MPs suggested summoning institutions regarding the matter, which was supported by the remaining MPs.

MP for South Mahchangoalhi Ahmed Haitham said during the Committee, “What will happen when 200 or 300 or 400 protest violently in the capital Male’. Those in this area come out, vandalize, and create violence.” 

Repeated actions such as these, would mean that the issue would increase to the level of a national security threat.

“We will not stay idle when other Maldivians are being harmed rightfully or unrightfully. If they ca, they will come out (to take action). Since the situation may drop to such a level with such action, we have to take measures to address the issue.” Said MP Haitham.

The Committee passed to summon the Immigration, Police, Economic Ministry, Home Ministry, and the Labor Relations Authority to the Parliament regarding the issue.