Maldives' COVID-19 expenditure reaches MVR 975m

Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer at a National Emergency Operation Center press briefing.

Government expenditure for COVID-91 has reached a staggering MVR 975.7 million.

Finance Ministry published statistics regarding COVID-19 expenditure up until June 25.  Statistics show that the biggest portion of funds were directed to the National Disaster Management Authority which was MVR 641.8 million. Health Ministry also spent MVR 148.4 million.

The biggest expenditure was for equipment sourcing which amounted for MVR 466 million. A total of MVR 180.6 million was also spent on capital equipment.

The government spent MVBR 114.4 million as subsidies while MVR 67 million was spent for operations. 

Construction operations cost MVR 59.9 million while transportation amounted for MVR 4.2 million.

MVR 10.1 million has so far been released as income support while recovery loans for COVID-19 have seen MVR 350 million issued.

BML has released MVR 339.1 million while SDFC has released MVR 108.8 million.