Guesthouses in Male' permitted to open on July 15, as transit facilities

Male' City, capital of the Maldives. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Afrah)

Tourism Ministry of the Maldives has announced that guesthouses and hotels in Male’ can be used as transit hotels when tourism is recommenced in the Maldives on July 15.

A statement by the Tourism Ministry said that arrangements have been made for transit movements in hotels and guesthouses approved by the Ministry in islands across the country starting from July 15.

The Ministry said that guesthouses that are permitted to reopen must adhere to the guidelines issued by the Ministry when reopening and operating.

Under the initial guideline issued by the Ministry, guesthouses were to reopen in August. The date was subject for change, said the Ministry who added that special permits may be issued for transit stays in guesthouses of islands across the nation, even before the official reopening of guesthouses.

The individuals staying in guesthouses would not be permitted to leave the guesthouse and food arrangements must be made at the guesthouse as well. Vessels transporting the people staying under such arrangements must also adhere to the safety standards of the HPA.