Opposition leader says lockdown not connected with COVID-19, but fear of public

Senior PPM/PNC officials speaking with media on July 1, 2020. (Photo/PPM)

Opposition People’s National Congress (PNC) leader Abdul Raheem Abdulla has said that the government’s lockdown order on the capital was for fear of the public rather than COVID-19.

Speaking after visiting the High Court today, Abdul Raheem said that the public wanted the return of former President Yameen and that the current administration had failed. Abdul Raheem visited the High Court regarding the case of Yameen which is on appeal.

“They know that the public will come out and appeal for the service of President Yameen. That things will eventually go there. The lockdown on Male’ is not connected to COVID-19 in any way. Fear, the lockdown order is being extended by 14 days to 14 days for fear that the public may believe that the government has failed and come out for justice. This is not connected to COVID-19 in any way.” Said Abdul Raheem.

He also levied accusations of corruption carried out during the lockdown order. He said that Yameen was the figure that would rise against such actions the most. Due to this reason, Yameen had to be imprisoned.

Former President Yameen was convicted and sentenced for five years in prison by the Criminal Court for money laundering in December 2019. The trial was and still is deemed as a politically motivated sham by the opposition and supporters of Yameen. Fresh charges against Yameen were recently brought.