Mosques permitted to reopen in Male' City

May 24, 2020|: A mosque in Male' City closed due to COVID-19. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Islamic Ministry of Maldives has permitted mosques in the capital Male’ City to reopen provided that congregational prayers are not performed in the mosques.

The permit to reopen mosques were issued after the Asr Prayers today. Maghrib prayers will be permitted in mosques along with safety restrictions for the virus.

Islamic Ministry said that the Health Protection Agency (HPA) and Technical Advisory Group (Tag) had advised that mosques in the capital could be reopened based on the situation in the country. The health authorities advise also took into account the lockdown easement phases implemented in the capital. Islamic Ministry said that those who wished to pray at mosques would be permitted to do so along with safety measures.

Health Authorities have previously announced safety measures that have to be undertaken when conducting prayers in islands across the country. 

City Council is to follow the following measures:

  • Removal of carpets in mosques.
  • Cleaning the mosques before and after each prayer.
  • Hand washing arrangements to be made in mosques.
  • Air condition should not be in use at mosques until further notice.

Individual worshippers are advised to follow the measures below:

  • Ablution at home
  • Bringing prayer mats to mosques
  • Refrain from sharing prayer mats and maintaining social distancing
  • Maintaining distance at all times when inside the mosque or when departing or entering the mosques
  • Elderly people to not attend mosques
  • Those with lung disease to refrain from attending mosques
  • Refrain from shaking hands
  • Refrain from using books and Qurans in at mosques.
  • Those with symptoms of cold, fever, sneezing and cough to refrain from attending mosques
  • Wearing masks when attending the mosques
  • Refrain from spending unnecessary time at the mosques 

Collective prayers would still not be permitted in mosques and Imams are instructed to include calls to pray at home when making prayer calls. Ministry said that in accordance with the situation, easements for collective prayers would also be introduced with time.

Collective prayers were suspended in mosques across the country on March 10. While mosques were not officially closed at the time, the r supply was cut off from mosques and access to mosques was restricted after a community case of the virus was identified in the capital.