MRM: Discussions were underway for Housing Minister recommendation

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is seen shaking hands with former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. (Photo/Twitter)

Maldives Reform Movement (MRM) has said that the party was planning to recommend a name to the position of the Housing Ministry when the Ministry was restructured to operate under the Infrastructure Ministry.

A senior official of the party confirmed the news to Sun.

The position of the Housing Minister was left vacant by Aminath Athifa who resigned yesterday over health issues. the Housing Minister’s post is filled by a figure recommended by the MRM who are a part of the governing coalition of parties.

A senior official of MRM said that discussions were underway within the party over a recommendation when the Ministry was restructured. The official said in a council meeting last night, the founder of the party, former President Maumoon had said that the slot for Housing Minister would be always allocated for an individual recommended by the party.

Discussions were underway to recommend former MP for Dhiggaru Farish Maumoon or Aminath Naadhira to the post. The official added that both had declined the post.

Former President Maumoon had said that the former Minister Athifa’s resignation was a huge loss to the country and that she had served faithfully.