Cases of fetal death, infant death submitted to Parliament

Vice President of the main opposition party PPM and Naifaru MP Ahmed Shiyam. (Photo/Parliament)

Two cases of intrauterine fetal deaths and the death of a four-year-old infant have been submitted for investigation to the Parliament.

The cases include when a baby passed away in the womb of a Sh. Narudhoo resident and a similar case in A. A. Thoddoo. The case of the four-year-old child that passed away in ADK was also submitted to the Parliament for investigation.

The cases were proposed for investigation by MP Ahmed Shiyam of Naifaru. 

The family of the woman in the case of Narudhoo says that they had been trying to consult with doctors for nearly a month and a half before finally being allowed to consult with doctors in Kulhudhuffushi City. Previous attempts to consult with doctors in Sh. Atoll had ended in failure at the last minute. The baby was discovered dead after a scan in Kulhudhuffushi last Monday.

The Sh. Atoll Hospital stated that the hospital had fully cooperated with the family and their instructions were ignored by the family.

In the case of A. A. Thoddoo, the family allege that they were deprived of medical care after repeated attempts to travel to the main hospital of the atoll in Rasdhoo. The permit to travel to Male’ City was obtained after the pregnant woman was already in the labor room. The incident happened on May 14.

National Emergency Operations Center has stated that both matters are being investigated.

The case in ADK Hospital happened on May 21. The family in that case also alleges that there were delays in treatment. The Hospital, on the other hand, stated that it was investigating the matter and its doctors had tried their best to save the child’s life.