Cabinet holds discussions regarding lockdown easements

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih chairs a cabinet meeting.

The cabinet has held discussions regarding the easements brought to the lockdown and curfew order in Male’ City.

The government has announced that the restrictive measures in place will be repealed phase by phase starting from today. Easements introduced for the first phase were announced last night. 

President’s Office stated that the cabinet held discussions regarding the easement measures.

In a virtual meeting held in the afternoon, the President advised cabinet ministers to mind the easements introduced when conducting operations. The President’s Office also instructed the cabinet to keep on providing essential services to the public and to expand any new possible services in light of the easement.

The lockdown order in place in the capital was also extended by 14-days last night. Government offices are expected to remain shut during the first phase of the easements. 

Maldives has so far confirmed 1,482 cases of the virus with 242 recoveries and five deaths.