Public Accounts Committee also reviewing MMPRC scandal investigation

MP for Kinbidhoo Mohamed Nashiz who chairs the Public Accounts Committee. (Photo/Parliament)

The Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee is also seeking to clarify the details of the investigation regarding the MMPRC scandal.

The Parliament has formed a Joint Committee including the Committee on National Security Services as well as the Judiciary Committee to clarify the information on the investigation surrounding the scandal.

The Public Accounts Committee had been investigating the scandal since last October. The matter was put on hold due to other matters that were brought before the Committee. Today, after eight months since the Committee began to review the matter, it discussed how to proceed with the investigation.

Most MPs requested a summary report of the work conducted by the Committee on the matter so far. Information from the investigative bodies involved in the scandal was also requested to be clarified by the MPs.

Vilufushi MP Hassan Afeef requested to clarify the information from the Police, Asset Recovery Commission, Anti-Corruption Commission and Prosecutor General’s Office. His proposal was supported by North Kulhudhuffushi MP Yasir Abdul Latheef and was passed by the seven MPs on the Committee.

Thimarafushi MP Abdulla Riyaz the questioned whether the matter could be inquired by the Committee since it is already under review by other Parliamentary Committees.

“My question, is whether it is correct for three or four Committees of the Parliament to review the same matter. I believe all the Committees will receive the letters and documents. What I am saying is, to review from one point rather than from all.” said MP Riyaz.

MP for Kinbidhoo who chairs the Committee then stated that the matter under review by the Public Accounts Committee involved the audit report evaluations at the Committee under its mandate. He added that what the Public Accounts Committee was doing, was different from what the other Committees were doing.