148 more Thai nationals evacuated from Maldives

Thai nationals stranded in Maldives check-in to their flight back to Thailand on May 17, 2020. (Photo/Royal Thai Honorary Consulate in Maldives)

148 Thai nationals have been evacuated out of Maldives on a chartered flight operated by the national airline, Maldivian.

The flight departed to Thai capital Bangkok on Sunday morning.

It marks the third flight chartered by the Thai consulate for the voluntary repatriation of Thai nationals in Maldives.

The first flight had been held on April 16 and had repatriated 55 Thai nationals, and the second flight had been held on May 4 and had repatriated 133 Thai nationals.

The Thai consulate has announced it will hold an additional repatriation flight. Registration for voluntary repatriation will close by end of this Sunday.