Boat crashes into western seawall of Male' City

September 30, 2019: Photo shows vessels in the T-Jetty harbor of Male' City. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

A boat carrying agricultural products has crashed into the North Western sea wall of Male' City during stormy weather.

MNDF stated that the boat identified as "Minvaru" from K. Kaashidhoo, crashed into the sea wall near West Park around 13:00 in the afternoon after suffering an engine failure.

Four crew members on board on the boat had managed to get to safety after the crash, said MNDF. They are all in good condition.

MNDF Coastguard is working to assist the boat now. Photo and video on social media show the agricultural products onboard the boat washed into the sea.

MNDF has warned that vessels traveling in the area to remain alert for possible collision with items from the crashed boat.