Maldivian conducts cargo flight with 20,310 kgs items

Photo shows a national carrier Maldivian aircraft at the Velana International Airport. (Photo/Maldivian)

A Maldivian flight has begun traveling to the Maldives carrying nearly 20,310 kgs of perishable goods from Trivandrum India.

The national airline stated that this trip would see the company transport the largest amount of food supply into the country in a single trip. 

The company stated that this proved its commitment to provide and guarantee food supply to locals without any disruptions. The airline is conducting special cargo flights to several locations. Locations include India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and UAE as well. 

Difficulties faced in transporting food supplies to islands have also seen Maldivian step up and transport the items to islands within the country. Special flights are being conducted by the airline for the purpose.